One question we get asked a lot is: can I blog online with RapidWeaver?

The answer is “yes”. There are plenty of solutions available, with integrations for all the major blogging platforms, however there’s never been a solution that integrated tightly with RapidWeaver — until Joe Workman released Total CMS.

With Total CMS you can build a professional blog in RapidWeaver that can be edited online. Every feature you’d expect from a modern blogging platform is included, from multiple authors, to featured posts, to social media integration, to SEO friendly URLs, and much much more.

RapidWeaver Total CMS Course

After seeing Total CMS mature in to a fully featured, professional blogging platform, we decided to record a training course dedicated to building an online blog in RapidWeaver.

That training course is The RapidWeaver Total CMS Course, and it's available today! You can get more information on the Realmac site or purchase a copy directly.

We think this course is the definitive resource for any RapidWeaver user wanting to start an online blog.

We hope you enjoy watching the videos and can't wait to see what you build with RapidWeaver and Total CMS.