We often get asked how to password protect a RapidWeaver site. It’s a common enough request that we decided to record a video training course.

If you've ever wondered about the options for password protecting, or adding a user login, to your RapidWeaver site, the RapidWeaver Password Protection course if for you!

The course is broken up into three videos:

  1. Basic authentication with Htaccess and Htpasswd files.
  2. Multi-user Logins with Page Safe
  3. Integrating the Sitelok Membership Software

The htaccess video shows you how to add simple logins to any single or groups of pages. The second video shows you how to use the Page Safe stack to protect groups of pages or specific content sections on the page — this means you can display conditional content based upon whether the user is logged in or not!

The final videos will explain in detail how to integrate the fantastic Sitelok Membership software into RapidWeaver. You'll learn how to install the software on your server, and use the Sitelok dashboard to manage users. If you plan on running a more extensive site with multiple membership levels, this is the video for you!

If you head over to the Password Protection course page you can get a free preview and see what’s included in the course.

Happy Weaving!