One of the most popular feature requests we get for RapidWeaver is to add online editing. Because of the nature of RapidWeaver, with it being a Mac application and generating static sites, it's not trivial to add.

There are plenty of benefits to static sites — such as a lower overhead, loading speed, and server compatibly to name a few. However, there are times when you'll want to be able to edit your site on the go or hand off a site to a client. In these cases there are plenty of third party addons that can add online editing to your site, below are a few links to the most popular addons currently available.

Total CMS

Total CMS from Joe Workman is a tightly integrate, fully featured CMS and blogging solution built exclusively for RapidWeaver. It's probably the most complex option available, but if you want a professional CMS (including an online blog) that can scale with your site, this is a great choice.

With Total CMS you have complete control over the design and layout of your admin pages. This means you can build custom admin areas for each site — match branding, create complex multi-column layouts, and more. You build your admin pages in the same way you would any other Stacks page, just drop the Total CMS stacks on to your page.

Best of all Total CMS works with any theme or framework — you're not tied in to using any particular design (it does integrate nicely with Foundation though).

Total CMS will cost you $99.95 per site. If you want to learn how to build an online editable blog with Total CMS and RapidWeaver, you should watch our Online Blogging Course.

Pulse CMS

Your next option is Pulse CMS. Pulse is owned by Michael Frankland, the man behind YuZool Themes.

Pulse CMS can be added to any website (not just RapidWeaver sites) by adding some special tags to your HTML — luckily for us there's a Pulse CMS stacks set that allows you to easily integrate Pulse CMS in to RapidWeaver.

There's a bit more setup involved with Pulse — you'll need to add the a folder to the resources area of RapidWeaver and ensure you've updated a few settings — but once you've done that, you can drag the stacks on to your page and publish. You can then login to the Pulse dashboard and edit your content from anywhere.

Pulse also allows you to setup a blog with support for tags, categories, comments, and more. Pulse CMS will cost you $197 for a single site or $297 for unlimited sites.

If you want to learn more about Pulse, we have an Online Editing course that shows you how to create a website in RapidWeaver that can edited online with Pulse. The course even includes a 30 day free trial, meaning you can test out Pulse before you part with any money.

Armadillo CMS

Another great option for online editing is Armadillo CMS from Nimblehost. It's a custom built CMS exclusively for RapidWeaver with support for blogs, multiple user accounts, single page editing, image galleries and much more.

Armadillo will set you back $39.97, so it's easily the cheapest option. There's even an online demo available, so why not give it a try and see what you think!

We don't have any videos covering Armadillo, but if you'd like us to create a course for Armadillo please let us know.


You can't go wrong with any of the options listed above, all three allow you to build a site in RapidWeaver and add online editing to entire pages or small sections of the content. They all support blogs as well — which is an important part of improving your search engine ranking.

The three addons I've listed above are just some of the most popular CMS options available for RapidWeaver, there's plenty more listed on the RapidWeaver Community site.