After more than a year in development, I'm pleased to say that RapidWeaver 8 for Mac will ship next week on, Tuesday, 14th August 2018.

I think RapidWeaver 8 is going to be a must-have upgrade, the whole team has worked so hard to integrate as many requests from users and third-party developers as possible — It's still the same RapidWeaver you know and love, but it's been significantly improved and refined in almost every area. It really is a great release, and I can't wait to be able to share it with you.

So what's new in RapidWeaver 8?

I'm not going to go into detail on all the new features just yet, but here's a list of just eight of the new things you'll find in RapidWeaver 8:

  1. Unsplash Photo Support
  2. Brand New Resources Manager
  3. Responsive Device Simulator
  4. GDPR Compliant with Privacy Pop-up Option
  5. UI State Restoration
  6. OpenGraph & Twitter Card Support
  7. Built-in .htaccess Editor with Revision Support
  8. Web Icon Generator

And so much more…

RapidWeaver 8 will be available to purchase directly from our web store and will be priced at $89. Users of RapidWeaver 7 or earlier will be able to upgrade for $69. However, we are offering a $10 discount if you purchase within the first two weeks of launch — This offer ends on August 28th 2018.


I know some of our loyal users have been wondering about system compatibility and I'm pleased to say we've managed to ensure RapidWeaver 8 will run great on everything from macOS 10.11 through to macOS 10.14!

We have packed so much into this new release of RapidWeaver it's almost unheard of on the Mac these days, it's honestly been a labour of love for us. This is also the start of an exciting journey for RapidWeaver, and I hope you'll stick with us over the coming months and years as we kick things into overdrive!

Look out for more blog posts about RapidWeaver 8 between now and launch, and if you want to make sure you get notified the day RapidWeaver 8 goes on sale, be sure to sign-up to our newsletter.

Happy Weaving!