We've been working on RapidWeaver 7.5 for some time now, and while we're not yet finished with it, we wanted to get it into your hands as soon as possible for testing.

Our plan is to release the final build of RW 7.5 when High Sierra launches later this year. As 10.13 is still being developed, we're keeping an eye on it and will do our best to make sure RapidWeaver is compatible with it on day one.

Currently, there's only one known compatibility issue with RW and 10.13 — If you upgrade your hard drive from HFS+ to APFS, there's a problem with the "Preview" constantly refreshing. We believe this is a system issue and are working with Apple to resolve it.

However, if you're using High Sierra with an HFS+ drive, then RapidWeaver will work just fine.

If Apple fails to make a fix at the system level in time for the launch of 10.13, we'll implement a workaround. Anyway you can rest assured that RapidWeaver will work just great with the next release of macOS.

What's New (so far):

  • Added Automatic FTP Configuration
  • Media Browser works again!
  • Added a preference to verify uploaded files
  • Other minor bug fixes

As this build is a beta (albeit a stable one), you are advised to back-up your projects before use and not to use this build against mission critical work.

Download RapidWeaver 7.5 (build 18737) Beta

Happy Weaving.