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RapidWeaver 7.3.2 is now Available

Less than a week since the last RapidWeaver release, we're back with a brand new build. If you hadn't guessed yet, We're committed to updating and improving RapidWeaver on a very regular schedule. Possibly more so than any other web builder app on the Mac.

RapidWeaver 7.3.2 Now Available

What's new in 7.3.2?

  • You can now override your default website address on a per-publishing destination basis
  • Fixed an issue with image sizing and layout in Styled Text views
  • Other minor fixes and enhancements

As always you can check for updates from within RapidWeaver, or download 7.3.2 directly here.

Thanks for your continued support, and Happy Weaving!

RapidWeaver 7.3.2 is now Available
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