RapidWeaver 8 will bring a whole host of fantastic new features to your favourite web design app. In this post, I wanted to cover the updates we’ve made to the theme styling engine.

The additions we’ve made to the theme styling engine will enable you to customise your RapidWeaver site in ways previously unimaginable. Here’s an overview of what’s coming in RapidWeaver 8. Keep reading for more details on each feature.

  1. Sliders.
  2. Number Inputs.
  3. Style Tags Everywhere.
  4. Reset Colours to Default.

1. Sliders

Themes can now offer sliders to control a numerical input — if you've seen the HTML range input in action, then this will be familiar to you. Sliders work for any type of units, be it pixels, rems, percentage, fractions, or any other valid CSS unit. Sliders can also step evenly between a minimum and maximum value; so a theme could offer preset content widths of 200px, 400px, 600px, 800px, and so on.

RapidWeaver 8’s new theme style slider.

We have used this feature extensively in all the new RapidWeaver 8 themes. It’s a great addition. I can't wait to see what our third-party developers come up with.

2. Number Inputs

Number inputs are as they sound — an input box for numbers! This allows you to specify any numeric value for a theme style option. Our new themes use this for allowing fully customisable content widths.

The new theme styles number input in RapidWeaver 8

Number inputs might seem like a small addition, but I think it’s a game changer for a lot of themes.

3. Style Tags Available Everywhere

This is more of a developer-facing feature, but it’s definitely worth mentioning here. In previous versions of RapidWeaver, theme style tags were only available to specific files.

In RapidWeaver 8, themes can utilise style tags in any theme file, this enabled us to easily offer more advanced styling options, such as the banner filters available in our new themes.

This is another excellent upgrade to the theme engine. If you're a RapidWeaver developer, I encourage you to read the theme documentation for further details.

4. Reset Colours To Default

In RapidWeaver 8 you can now reset individual colours to the theme style default. This means if you change a colour, you can now simply click the “X” to reset that colour. Super handy!

RapidWeaver 8 allows you to reset theme styles colours.

That just about covers the new styling features in RapidWeaver 8. We can’t wait to get this major update out to all our users. If you want to know when RapidWeaver 8 launches, make sure you sign up to the Realmac Newsletter.