A few weeks ago Joe Workman released Email for RapidWeaver — an amazing set of stacks that allow you to build responsive email templates directly inside of RapidWeaver.

It really is an amazing new way to design and build marketing emails. You no longer need to rely on pre-built templates or mess about with finicky online editors — you can build emails in the same way you build sites in RapidWeaver. Drag the stacks on to the page, add your content, and preview.

It's so good, we decided to record a training course dedicated to creating emails in RapidWeaver. We called it the RapidWeaver Email Course.

If you're quick you can get 25% off the regular price by using the coupon code save25 at checkout. This offer is limited to the first 25 customers, so hurry!

All the email templates you build with Email for RapidWeaver work great with every major email service, be it Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Sendy, or anything else.

If you want to learn how to build beautiful emails, pick up a copy of the RapidWeaver Email Course. You won't be disappointed.