Stacks is, hands-down, the most popular addon for RapidWeaver. It gives you the tools to create any type of layout with drag-and-drop ease.

In this post, we’ll get you up and running with Stacks and RapidWeaver 8, but if you want a quick video overview, How to use Stacks video.

Learn how to use Stacks in RapidWeaver 8

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Stacks and RapidWeaver 8 are fully compatible. We worked hard to ensure the upgrade from RapidWeaver 7 to 8 is smooth for all users. So if you're already a Stacks user, rest assured everything will be migrated across without any issues.

Fantastic job on this update guys. One of the smoothest product updates ever. All add ons and stacks installed without a glitch, made some changes to a website and like magic everything worked right out of the gate!

— Dennis Graf

What Is Stacks?

Stacks is a plugin for RapidWeaver from YourHead Software. It adds a new page type to RapidWeaver which you add to your site in the same as any built-in plugin.

Stacks comes with a library of built-in stacks to get you started.  Yes, it’s confusing - the “widgets” for Stacks the plugin are called “stacks” 🤷‍♂️

Anyway, you’ll get stacks for multi-column layouts, buttons, text, images, and headings. You drag the stacks into the editing area and start building up your custom designed page. It’s really quick and easy to create any type of layout.

Why should I use Stacks?

If you want more control over your site’s layout, then Stacks is for you. Multi-column, responsive websites are are drag-and-drop easy.

Stacks also opens up a world of opportunities in RapidWeaver; there are hundreds of stacks for Stacks which add additional power. You can create an online store, edit your content online, add database integration, and much more. Definitely take a look at all the stacks on the RapidWeaver Community.

Take the Foundry and Foundation frameworks as an example; using either of these addons you can create a fully custom designed website. You don’t use a pre-designed theme, you create the styling and layout for your site from scratch.

Watch our Introduction to Foundry video for a more detailed explanation (this is how we build the Realmac Software site).

Build a custom designed website with Foundry

If you want to learn more about RapidWeaver and Stacks then take a look at our RapidWeaver tutorials; we publish free video tutorials on a regular basis to keep your Weaving game strong.