MacFormat reviewed Squash for Mac in the April 2017 issue of MacFormat. I'm thrilled to say it received 5 Stars.

Image compression app for Mac review
The eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted that it say's 2016 in the footer. Ignore this, it's a typo and should say April 2017.

Here are some of the nice things they had to say about it:

Squash is that rare thing: a serious app with a playful personality.

Fast, easy to use, and with impressive results, Squash 2 shines a little ray of sunshine on a task that's normally dull and dreary.

Squash 2 will save you time, speed up web pages, and it'll make you smile.

We really couldn't have wished for a nicer review and are working hard to make sure Squash cements its self as the best image compression app on the Mac.

If you build websites for a living or are regularly uploading images to the web, Squash is a must have utiltiy.

Squash for Mac is available directly from Realmac, via the Mac App Store and is also part of Setapp.

Happy Squashing!