Deep Dreamer Public Beta now Available!

A few weeks ago Google announced its research into neural networks and image processing. Alongside this news, Google also open-sourced its “deepdream” code that allows anyone with the technical know-how to do the same.

While we were blown away by the images it produced, we soon found out that if you wanted to set up a server to process images for yourself it really wasn’t a trivial task, so…

Deep Dreamer for Mac

Over the past couple of weeks we've put together an easy-to-use yet unbelievably powerful Mac app that allows you to make your own deepdream images. In addition to the vast range of existing options we’ve taken the deepdream engine to a new level by adding support for GIF and movie export - something that Google’s own deepdream code does not support.

We've called the Mac app Deep Dreamer, and it's available today as a public beta. It's still a little rough around the edges, but we wanted to get it into your hands as soon as possible. Download Deep Dream Public Beta for Mac.

Deep Dreamer for Mac UI

Give Deep Dreamer a photo and watch as horizons get filled with towers and pagodas. Rocks and trees turn into buildings. Birds, dogs, and insects (aka puppyslugs) start to appear from out of nowhere. Create stunningly beautiful images or terrifying nightmare visions - the choice is yours!

While it's in public beta you can buy a full license for $14.99, once it leaves public beta the price will be $24.99.

We've set up a Deep Dreamer Forum so you can share what you've created along with discussing what settings provide the best results.

Here's some examples of what we've produced with Deep Dreamer:

Google deepdream woods example

Google deepdream church example

Google deepdream space example

Google deepdream Jonny Ive example

Google deepdream river example

Google deepdream before and after example

The best part of using Deep Dreamer is processing your own images and seeing what the deepdream engine uncovers in them. You can buy Deep Dreamer here and start processing your images today!

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Dan Counsell

Dan Counsell

Designer and Founder of Realmac Software, an award winning independent Mac and iOS development studio based in the city of Brighton, England.