We are Realmac Software

We're an award winning, independent software company with a passion for the Mac.

We're focused on developing useful software to help people build better websites. RapidWeaver is our flagship web design app for Mac, it's been in active development for almost two decades and is still at the forefront of drag-and-drop Mac based web design tools.

RapidWeaver pre-dates iWeb from Apple and has now outlived it as well as many of the other web builders on the Mac. We’ve never taken outside investment, which means that we answer to you, our customers. Each time you purchase a copy of RapidWeaver it helps ensure it's continued development.

Realmac Software was founded on the 19th of November 2002 and is still going strong today in 2021.

We're a small, fully remote team, based in England, Sweden and America. Realmac Software was founded on the 19th of November 2002 and is still going strong today in 2021.

If you need support for any of our products please get in-touch.

Dan Counsell, Founder

Dan has been designing, building and shipping apps for over twenty years. He has a keen eye for details, spending most of his time focused on the design and vision of the company and its products.

If you have a press enquiry or non-support related question you can contact Dan directly.

Realmac Photos

A small selection of photos from the Realmac Software archive. We'll be adding some more over time, so check back soon.

Realmac HQ Kitchen Photo

Wall mural at Realmac HQ painted by ilovedust back in 2013.

Analog Camera for iPhone Photo

Clear for iPhone launched early 2012, with its flat design and gesture based UI it inspired a new trend in app design.

Analog Camera for iPhone Photo

Shoot for the original Clear promo video was filmed in 2012 at a local café in Brighton.

Dan Counsell, Founder of Realmac Software Photo

This photo of Dan Counsell (Founder of Realmac) was taken for an interview in Offscreen Magazine in 2012.

Realmac HQ Kitchen Photo

Dan and Nik discussing the user flow for RapidWeaver on iPad back in 2012.

Keith and Damien at Realmac Software Photo

Keith and Damien programming in 2012 at Realmac's "Serious Business" style office.

Ember Vinyl Toy on a Desk Photo

In 2010 we has some vinyl toys made for Ember, our then online image storage service.

Realmac demoing RapidWeaver at MacWorld in 2006

Exhibiting RapidWeaver 3 at MacWorld in 2006, it was non-stop demoing at the booth.

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