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How to create beautiful email templates with RapidWeaver

A few weeks ago Joe Workman released Email for RapidWeaver — an amazing set of stacks that allow you to build responsive email templates directly inside of RapidWeaver. It really is an amazing new way to design and build marketing emails. You no longer need to rely on pre-built templates or mess about with finicky online editors — you can…

Ben CounsellBen Counsell

5 Star Review for Squash

MacFormat reviewed Squash for Mac in the April 2017 issue of MacFormat. I'm thrilled to say it received 5 Stars. The eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted that it say's 2016 in the footer. Ignore this, it's a typo and should say April 2017. Here are some of the nice things they had to say about it: Squash is that rare thing: a serious…

Dan CounsellDan Counsell

RapidWeaver 7.3.2 is now Available

Less than a week since the last RapidWeaver release, we're back with a brand new build. If you hadn't guessed yet, We're committed to updating and improving RapidWeaver on a very regular schedule. Possibly more so than any other web builder app on the Mac. What's new in 7.3.2? You can now override your default website address on a per-pub…

Dan CounsellDan Counsell

RapidWeaver 7.3.1 is now Available

Good news, we've just released version 7.3.1 of RapidWeaver for Mac. This continues our work on making sure RapidWeaver is rock solid and the best website builder for Mac. What's New in 7.3.1? Added SVG support for Site Logo, Banners, and Styled Text View Added an option to remove the "Reset" button in the Contact Form plugin Health Chec…

Dan CounsellDan Counsell

Responsive Design Preview in RapidWeaver

RapidWeaver 7's Preview mode allows you to preview your site at any width. It even comes with some handy preset widths for desktop, iPad, and iPhone — simply click the Preview button twice and these options will be displayed to you. This is a great way to quickly, and easily, preview how your site works across different browser widths. Ho…

Ben CounsellBen Counsell

RapidWeaver 7.2 is now Available

We've been working on RapidWeaver 7.2 for a few months now, and it's finally ready. We honestly think this is the best, most stable version of RapidWeaver yet. If you've not tried out RapidWeaver 7, you can download a free trial from our website. If you're already using RapidWeaver 7, just launch the current version and you'll be prompted…

Dan CounsellDan Counsell

RapidWeaver 7 Released!

Today I'm pleased to announce that RapidWeaver 7 for Mac is now available. This marks a huge milestone for RapidWeaver and the team, this is hands-down the biggest releases we've ever done in the history of Realmac. RapidWeaver 7 has been in beta for the last few months with almost 300 dedicated users, and the feedback has been overwhelmi…

Ben CounsellBen Counsell